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1 to 2 bottles a day of ACTIV8™ can significantly improve intra-cellular hydration in your body as compared to normal water. Most people that drink ACTIV8™ have reported softer skin, increased energy, improved stamina, and numerous other benefits associated with optimum cell hydration and function.

Absolutely. If there is a “perfect” time that it is beneficial to  ACTIV8™, it is when our bodies are stressed and need that extra hydration.

1. One glass 1/2 hour before breakfast and lunch.

2. One glass 2 1/2 hours after each meal

3. Two more glasses should be taken around the heaviest meal.

If a person is significantly dehydrated, the rapid re-hydration by the solutions can sometimes cause a worsening of some symptoms such as fatigue. This reaction can be avoided by starting slowly with the solutions and building the amount taken each week. For example, rather than 28 ounce servings daily, an elderly or ill person might want to start with 3 ounces twice daily and build to 8 ounces twice daily over a period of 3-4 weeks.

It is recommended that ACTIV8™  be taken on an empty stomach for greatest absorption.

The pioneers of the concept of improving water activity dates back to the early 1980s. The beverages developed by our research group were originally introduced in Japan in 1995, and since that time our research has spawned an entire industry of functional beverage products.

Alkaline water is generally less acidic than the regular tap water, which makes it rich in various alkalizing compounds.


Alkalinity is a measurement of the ability to absorb acid. The more alkaline a liquid, the less acidic it will be.

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